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0.40g Bio BB Professional Performance 2000rds

0.40g Bio BB Professional Performance 2000rds

Item number: 12308000100

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Color: White
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The Nimrod BIO Professional Performance BBs is a top-of-the-line product designed specifically for players looking for the highest possible shot consistency, outstanding quality, and maximum accuracy.

The Professional line of BBs offers superior performance ideally suited for tunned high-end replicas where even the slightest inconsistency in a BB structure lowers the accuracy and spread pattern. With a 5.95mm +/- 0.01mm size and a highly polished finish, the BBs offer a predictable trajectory and repeatable performance in each shot.
Even at high firing rates of up to 50 shots per second, these BBs feed reliably and consistently.
Additionally, they are biodegradable - a widespread requirement for skirmishes and airsoft arenas.

Features & Details

Ammunition weight:

Dimensions and weight

Length packed:
11.5 cm
Width packed:
7 cm
Height packed:
7 cm
0.8 kg
Weight packed:
0.846 kg


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