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Bore Cleaning Foam - Aerosol 100 ml

Bore Cleaning Foam - Aerosol 100 ml

Item number: 12521200000

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The BORE CLEANING FOAM from General Nano Protection is designed to clean the inside of the barrel in 10 minutes. It’s active ingredients foam penetrates into micro gaps between metal and remains of powder, lead, carbon, copper and zinc which makes it very easy to remove.
Also after removing the debris, remains a thin layer of protective oil is left in the barrel, protecting it from corrosion.
This product does not contain ammonia and does not emit toxic fumes, does not ignite which is important for the user's health and it’s safe to use indoors.
What is also important it is harmless on metal, wood, paint, varnish, ceramics, rubber or plastic.

Ammonia, alcohol, abrasive solids free.
Cleans and repels dirt and carbon.
Superior corrosion protection.
Harmless to the shooter.
Suitable for all types of firearms and air/gas-powered weapons.

Dimensions and weight

Length packed:
13.7 cm
Width packed:
4.5 cm
Height packed:
4.5 cm
0.127 kg
Weight packed:
0.127 kg


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