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CM16 Raider

CM16 Raider

Item number: 10157431000

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Color: Desert
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Designed and manufactured by G&G, CM16 Raider is a high-quality replica developed in the Combat Machine project. The main idea of CM was to deliver an affordable model while still providing a high culture of work of internal mechanisms and the use of the best possible materials available.
This 670/765mm long replica is fed from a hicap magazine, weighs around 2200g, and shoots in a semi or full-automatic mode.
The replica is mainly made from high-quality polymers reinforced with glass fiber making it lightweight yet highly durable. The outer barrel, buffer tube, and other minor elements are machined of metal.
At the top of the upper receiver, we have a single RIS rail with a carrying handle. This setup allows the user to attach different accessories suitable to their preference or mission requirements.
The barrel is outfitted with a 14mm CCW thread and can take different muzzle devices, suppressors, and tracers. The collapsible stock made of high-quality polymer is comfortable to use. It is also purpose-built to accept replica batteries and is easy to handle in confined spaces and stash.
Thanks to cost-effective materials and high performance, the Raider is an ideal choice for new players and veterans looking for a premium-class replica in a reasonable price bracket.

Features & Details

Barrel thread:
14mm CCW
Firing mode:
Fully automatic, Semi automatic
Gearbox version:
V2 Custom
Inner barrel length:
233 mm
1 J (approx. 328 FPS, 0.20g BB)
Magazine capacity:
450 rds
Motor type:
Mini Tamiya
Weapon model:

Dimensions and weight

72.7 cm
Length packed:
94.2 cm
28 cm
Width packed:
27 cm
6 cm
Height packed:
7.4 cm
2.235 kg
Weight packed:
3.364 kg


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