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Defender Boots Sympatex Regular

Defender Boots Sympatex Regular

Item number: 12528130038

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Color: Brown
Size: 41
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Manufactured by Rukapol®, Defender Boots are multipurpose, heavy-duty tactical footwear chosen by the "Österreichisches Bundesheer" - Austrian Armed Forces. Made from high-quality materials and components, the Defenders are designed to offer maximum comfort, durability, and reliability in the field. They are ideally suited for military and law enforcement agencies, as well as trekking and outdoor applications and activities.

The boots are manufactured from a 2mm thick Nubuck leather in a matte color palette with a hydrophobic coating. The inner lining, in the form of "Arona Two Layer," absorbs moisture and releases it outside, keeping feet dry. This, along with the water-resistant coating, secures the feet from getting wet, even with heavy perspiration and rain.
A Sympatex® membrane was utilized in the design to provide superior water resistance. Sympatex® is a closed, monolithic, breathable membrane "sandwiched" between textiles, blocking the water from the outside of the shoe but removing the moisture from the inside thanks to the absorption and evaporation process. This moisture transfer makes the membrane and the boot - breathable.

For a full-fledged, multipurpose tactical boot, the Rukapol® MOUNTgrip was developed - a custom-made rubber sole with a layer of polyurethane foam. The sole guarantees optimal grip, even in the most demanding terrain. The additional PU foam layer improves shock absorption and comfort during harsh conditions and prolonged use.

Rukapol® also paid special attention to developing an advanced insole and footbed. The first one is pre-shaped with an additional arch stabilizer, perfectly balancing the stiffness, stability, and flexibility for optimal foot support. The multi-width system guarantees a perfect fit, even for uncommon foot shapes and sizes.
The utilized active footbed easily adapts to the wearer's foot, providing optimal comfort, stability, and moisture wicking. The footbed itself is easily removable and washable.

The "Easy Roller" lacing system distributes the tension evenly along the whole length of the laces. To further secure the boot from dirt and rubble, a protective textile was added to the tongue area to minimize the chances of foreign objects entering the insole.

To simplify the process of choosing the correct size, Rukapol® prepared a step-by-step guide.

 All it takes is a single A4 paper sheet with a printed QR code and the phone camera to correctly measure the foot and choose a proper size. The process is straightforward and requires a bare minimum of user input.

Hailing from the "Österreichisches Bundesheer," the Defender Boots are an ideal choice for reliable, rugged, and surprisingly comfortable boots, not limited only to the military but also highly useful for law enforcement agencies, outdoor applications, and highly demanding trekking trails.