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GR14 Veteran E.T.U.

GR14 Veteran E.T.U.

Item number: 11937000000

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Designed and manufactured by G&G, GR14 Veteran is a high-quality replica made as a part of the TopTech series. The product is a premium-class model manufactured with top-notch materials for the most demanding players. This model is delivered in the most classic configuration available.
This 1120mm long replica is fed from a hicap magazine, weighs around 3800g, and shoots in a semi and full-automatic mode.
Main elements like the receiver, outer barrel, and gas tube are machined from high-quality metal alloys. Furniture with the stock is manufactured from wood, and a few small parts like sights, magazine, and sling attachment points are made from steel.
The barrel is outfitted with a 14mm CCW thread and can take different muzzle devices, suppressors, and tracers. The fixed stock made of high-quality wood is comfortable to use. It is also purpose-built to accept replica batteries. MOSFET-equipped V7 gearbox is paired with an innovative ETU system for superb trigger reaction time and quality. Hop-up unit is placed in the receiver - releasing the charging handle produces a surprisingly neat sound mimicking the real action.
Thanks to quality materials and high performance, the GR14 Veteran is an ideal choice for players looking for a premium-class replica.

Features & Details

Barrel thread:
14mm CCW
Firing mode:
Fully automatic, Semi automatic
Gearbox version:
V7 Custom
Inner barrel length:
445 mm
1.3 J (approx. 377 FPS, 0.20g BB)
Magazine capacity:
450 rds
Motor type:
Mini Tamiya
Weapon model:

Dimensions and weight

112.2 cm
Length packed:
117.3 cm
18 cm
Width packed:
26.8 cm
Height packed:
9.5 cm
3.84 kg
Weight packed:
4.99 kg


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