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Gun Oil - Aerosol 100 ml

Gun Oil - Aerosol 100 ml

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The GUN OIL from General Nano Protection contain a unique formula that removes carbon, сleans metal, displaces moisture, penetrates and lubricates hard-to-reach places.

Nanoparticles penetrate into the surface and create a coating that reduces friction, corrosion and wear what prolongs the lifetime of firearms. After applying the protective lair is does not lose its properties in temperatures ranging from -76°F to +482°F. / -60°C to +250°C.

What is also important it is harmless on metal, wood, paint, varnish, ceramics, rubber or plastic.

Penetrates into hard-to-reach places.
Lubricates all components and mechanisms.
Cleans from powder dust, dust, old grease, surface rust.
Can be applied to a wet surface.
Protects against wear and rust for a long time.
Extends the service life of the weapon several times.

Dimensions and weight

Length packed:
13.7 cm
Width packed:
4.5 cm
Height packed:
4.5 cm
0.102 kg
Weight packed:
0.102 kg


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