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Mod 3 Boonie Hat

Mod 3 Boonie Hat

Item number: 11191576525

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Color: Everglade
Size: S
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Mod 3 is an updated variant of the classical Boonie Hat introduced by the US during the Vietnam War and employed further in other conflicts by multiple countries. While designed to be used primarily in hot tropical climates, the Boonie saw widespread use in various biomes and is considered one of the most popular hats used by the military.

Mod 3 Boonie Hat is manufactured from high-quality rip-stop textiles and features several improvements over the original design. The rim of the hat was slightly narrowed down to prevent snags in bushes and heavy foliage without omitting the hat's performance. Another modification is adding a piece of fabric that allows the attachment of branches and vegetation - which increases the hat's camouflage properties and breaks down the head's silhouette. The additional hook-and-loop panel is placed at the rear and on top of the hat to attach patches and identification panels.

Four holes were added on the side of the hat to increase the ventilation. A simple yet effective chin strap prevents the loss of the hat. It allows a small degree of length adjustment thanks to the polymer stopper.

Mod 3 Boonie Hat is a perfect choice for military applications and other outdoor activities - hiking, trekking, and competitive shooting- making the hat a universal piece of headwear.

Dimensions and weight

Length packed:
26 cm
Width packed:
20.4 cm
Height packed:
2 cm
0.09 kg
Weight packed:
0.1 kg


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