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Perun V3 Hybrid Universal Wiring

Perun V3 Hybrid Universal Wiring

Item number: 11187500000

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Perun V3 Hybrid is a precisely and professionally made drop-in MOSFET system with adjustable active motor braking designed for Airsoft Electric Guns. It replaces the standard mechanical trigger contacts with electronic microswitches for better reliability and longevity. The MOSFET is supplemented with optical and magnetic sensors in the build for increased durability of the gearbox. It also adds the option of individually programmed firing modes.
With a built-in diagnostic system, an electronic fuse, and a low-voltage alarm, the V3 Hybrid guarantees extra security for incorporated electronics. The kit fits the most common V3 gearboxes without any modifications.

Additional features included in the Perun V3 Hybrid:
 The active braking system with the adjustable braking power
 Combination of binary and two-staged trigger paired with adjustable trigger sensitivity
 Programmable pre-coking for faster trigger response
 Adjustable rate of fire and DMR mode for a more authentic feeling
 DSG compatibility

Important note - minor adjustment of the selector insert placement must be made during installation for proper work of the selector lever.

Dimensions and weight

51 cm
Length packed:
12.2 cm
0.2 cm
Width packed:
9.8 cm
Height packed:
2.3 cm
0.03 kg
Weight packed:
0.06 kg


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