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SA-C01 Core

SA-C01 Core

Item number: 11046706000

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Color: Black
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The SA-C01 Core, manufactured by Specna Arms, is an assault rifle replica of the AR-15 - the world's most common and recognizable firearm platform. Identical to the original firearm, the replica guarantees ergonomics and maneuverability and allows for extensive modifications.

The SA-C01 Core provides components with an aesthetic finish and high-quality construction. Both receivers, front grip, carry handle, SF-type stock, and pistol grip are injection molded from polymer reinforced with nylon fiber. The outer barrel, flash suppressor, charging handle, swivel mounts, and other small parts are manufactured from metal. Bolts, pins, and the dust cover are machined of steel. On the inside, Specna Arms provided quality parts that ensured long-time usage and precision of each shot.  
Using a lightweight plastic body minimizes the replica's weight, making it an excellent option for cost-conscious players. Moreover, the fiberglass reinforcement increases the body's durability compared to its polymer-injected counterparts.  

The included SF-type stock is comfortable to use. Users can adjust the length of the stock to adapt the replica to their build and preferences. It also holds a rechargeable battery that powers the replica. The SA-C01 Core comprises mechanical sights, a front sling swivel, a charging handle, and a fire mode selector that provides comfortable operation.  

The replica has a single Picatinny rail to increase the adaptable surface for additional equipment such as red dots and optical sights. Thanks to that, users can choose the best setup that will be perfect and suitable to individual preferences and mission requirements. A classic transport grip with a peep sight is attached to the upper rail. The barrel of the SA-C01 Core is outfitted with a 14 mm CCW thread and can take various muzzle devices, suppressors, and tracers.  

The heart of the replica is a standard V2-type gearbox that provides an optimal power of around 400 FPS / 1.5J using the 0.20g BBs, making the replica ideally suited for medium-range operations. An M90 spring is also included in the set, which allows for decreasing the initial velocity to 310 FPS. This feature makes the replica perfect for short-range engagement or indoor operations.  
The replica uses an ESA™ quick-change spring system that lets you quickly and effortlessly modify the performance of the replica to meet the playing field's conditions. Thanks to this technical solution, there is no need to have access to a workshop or several specialized tools.  
 The utilized Rotary Hop-Up chamber is matched with a high-quality 6.03 mm precision barrel. A precision barrel contributes to the improved accuracy of the replica. At the same time, the hop-up mechanism improves the BB's stability and range during the shot.  

Users will appreciate SA-C01 Core's first-rate construction and optimal performance. The innovative spring replacement system and high-quality materials make it an ideal replica for both novice and highly skilled airsoft players.

Features & Details

Barrel thread:
14mm CCW
Firing mode:
Fully automatic, Semi automatic
Gearbox version:
Inner barrel length:
390 mm
1.3 J (approx. 377 FPS, 0.20g BB)
Magazine capacity:
300 rds
Motor type:
Operating side:

Dimensions and weight

81 cm
Length packed:
87.8 cm
Width packed:
30.3 cm
Height packed:
9.3 cm
2.529 kg
Weight packed:
3.85 kg


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